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Back to school is here!

Back to school is here and with it extracurricular classes! Do you have everything for the activities of the smallest of the house?

We know, there are many things. Books, pens, notebooks, pencils... But don't forget about extracurricular activities! This course, you will not only have to prepare the backpack and the uniform. This year, we will have to add a leotard, tights and a ballet tutu, among others.

To make going back to school less difficult, a checklist can always be useful so that we don't forget anything for this return to school. We help you with it!


A basic and essential garment that you cannot miss on your list are the jerseys. Strappy, short-sleeved or long-sleeved, with or without a skirt. This garment will provide all the comfort you need for your classes and will make you look elegant.

At Menkes we have a wide variety of jerseys for you to choose from in all colors and sizes. Choose your jersey from top brands like Bloch, Capezio and Wear Moi.

You, Yours

There is no more iconic element of dance than the Tutu of ballet. It is the key piece to dance, both for rehearsals and to enter the scene.

Along with the leotard, the tutu is the most representative element of the clothing of classical dance dancers. At Menkes you will find a wide variety of models that will make you shine.

Take a look at our models!


Another garment that you should not forget are the skirts. Dare to combine the skirt with the leotard to form a perfect outfit. Choose between the different styles to create different looks: the classic to tie or more comfortable, with elastic.

At Menkes we have a wide variety of options: comfortable, fresh, light, short, long, and much more!

Do you need character skirts for RAD exams? We are sure to have the specific color of ribbon that your girl needs for her dance exam

Water Heaters

In the coldest months of the year it is important that the little ones protect themselves from the cold. The warm-up garments They are fundamental to warm up before the class starts or to avoid getting cold in the classrooms.

Our collection of leg warmers and wool is very wide! In this section you will find crossover ballet jackets, dance leg warmers, jumpsuits and shorts.

Also we have warm-up booties and leg and ankle warmers to keep your feet supple at rehearsals or before a show.

Hair accessories

The list is not complete without Hair Accessories. We have a wide selection of hairnets and bobby pins to control flyaways and keep your prom bun in place.

These accessories allow the hairstyle to be intact and you can enjoy the class without worrying about your head.

Bags and backpacks

Look at our Bags with extra compartments to store dance clothes and accessories. We offer a wide variety of sizes and colors. We have bags for all styles and tastes.

Discover our collection of bags and backpacks and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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