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Dear Art,

The first thing that made me fall in love with you was your name. Only four letters and so intense. I, who always forget names, am unable to erase yours. It is my favorite word. I remember how we met, in those classes of dance. You, you danced without thinking if they looked at you. Like you've done it your whole life. Then you explained to me that it had been so. I danced thinking that I was wrong, that dance was not my thing, but then class ended and you reminded me that fear was better to leave him asleep. You took me by the hand and suddenly, I dared to dance like before. I will never tire of thanking you, and shaking hands.

Our first date was a few days later, at that Antonio Canales show. I took you without your knowing anything and when he appeared on stage, you had some tears escaping. Without knowing it, you had made one of your dreams come true: to see him perform live. Trust me if I told you that I wouldn't have minded if it didn't end that night.

On our second date, you took me to Minister of Health. You told me that that was your favorite store to find everything you needed because they have the best brands and because they also make custom clothing. You came to Barcelona to dedicate yourself to dance and they made it easy for you. You always say they make you feel at home and now that I know them, I know it's true. That day, we spent the entire afternoon. They told us incredible anecdotes and we got lost in the store. I remember you took some items from rhythmic gymnastics because you had decided to train this discipline.

Now that we have opened our dance school, there is not a week that we do not visit them. I think they are one more of our love story. They have made it possible for our project to continue forward and, the truth is that this makes us feel more calm.

The fact is that today is Valentine's Day and I will not tell you anything new that you do not know or that I have not told you before, but you see, I am also one of those who does not want to miss opportunities like this to remind you of what I feel.

I do not roll more. You say you feel alive when you go on stage. I feel alive by your side, Art.

And I already knew that we had a passion for dance in common, but now tell me if you also have in common what I feel for you, that I can't live without you.

Because for me, loving (you) is an art, my art.

Happy Valentines,

  1. The gift is to be invented, to be created, to be made. Tomorrow we are going to Casa Menkes to make it happen. You will finally have the flamenco dress What makes you sleepy.
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